Website Optimizaiton, Website Promotion

We maintain complete up-do-date knowledge of search engine principles, logarithms, find out and study competitors' position and target our clients' placement. This is very important for any website as once you  have achieved #1 position for your website SEO plays a very important role to maintain your website in #1 position.

(we get your listing on top in search category, not in sponsored listing, you can get on top in sponsored listing by your self in yahoo, inktomi, overture, etc, because these search engine promise listing, we don’t have to do anything in that. Our specialization is reflected when you get listed on top on all major search engine.)

We carry out complete study of the clients business and its 'related search words' and find out how many searches are being held everyday for that topic and current status of each targeted websites. Then we make required suggestions to client and getting his approval, we make a complete 'ready to submit' page (maintaining every rule laid down by SE).

We popularize the website by targeted keywords over the web and use search engines, directory, boards, bbs, newsgroups and various other tricks of trade by which the 'targeted word' is enquired and replied with our results over millions of pages. The complete process takes about 20 to 35 and sometimes 50 days to attend required position depending upon search engine policies OF DATABASE UPDATING). Top Search engines normally take between 15 to 25 days to list a website.

The entire practice is carried out in presence of third party inspection tools which completely provide statistics of page about country, how, when the visitor arrived and average per day. We also get acknowledgement mails from SE which we store for client if required and submit report from time to time as may be required AND AGREED.

We have list of satisfied clients who clearly accepts how our efforts have resulted in "new business" from web. Which was really their intention when website was developed.

This service is purely dedicated work on contract basis 'your own marketing office' Complete search engine knowledge professionals look into submission work. Take up required follow up with SE, confirm placements and reply to SE queries. Report from time to time. You can anytime check the efforts. Results are guaranteed.